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back to pam. >>> we begin with breaking news out of new jersey this morning. three people are dead after an early morning shooting inside a grocery store in new jersey. there is a live picture there. it is located in the east central part of the state of new jersey. this is the scene. reports indicate that a man walked in the store at 1:00 a.m. pacific time as employees were stocking the shelve. a shootout followed. three people, including the gun manny gunman were killed. we are getting more information in the news room. >>> someone or some group is preying on women walking alone in oakland. police are investigating a series of robberies and sexual assaults. claudia long is in oakland this morning with the search for suspects and more victims. >> reporter: yes, police say they know several victims. they believe there are more out there who are afraid to come forward. they are trying to get more information. we know the attack happened all to women between the ages of 18 to 54 all walking alone. >> what is happening is that they are being approached to be robbed. if they don't ha
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america. >> chris christie, the governor of new jersey, came out on stage at the end, he put his blackberry back in his pocket, there have been people ten people deep. not at the stage but at the box. i could see mitt romney choke up as this crowd stood for him. a lot of emotion. >> kelly o'donnell on the other side of the floor from the floor. let's take a quick break. we'll come back after this. humans -- even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why, at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else comes standard at libertymutual.com. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >>> we are back wrapping up the first night of our prime time coverage on the floor of this convention in tampa. chuck todd, our political director across the floor from us. chuck, would you sum up what the new jersey governor was able to do tonight? >> he was here to be the key note and boy, he was here to tell the chris christie story. he spent a
. >> ifill: i'm gwen ifill. coming up, two of tonight's marquee speakers, ann romney and new jersey cover chris christie. first we have grinch gingrich, david brooks and mark shields with us. first, artur brooks on the floor, what didou think of that? >> first, i thought artur was quite good. we've had three jokes tonight, i think he told all through. i don't get the whole ted cruz thing. i thought the hands thing, i was from his iowa victory speech, but it is a very good device. >> i just think that really artur davis gave the best critique of how obama failed on his own terms. it was a very sympathetic thing, look, i believed in all this. i wanted it to work. and then explains sort of step by step what the gap is between promise and performance. i thought it was a very effective. i wouldn't be surprised to see that show up as an ad. >> ifill: mark? >> i thought davis was the most effective speaker of the evening, particularly when he did that $60 tank of gas, which every american can identify with. i do want to make the point that the republican party is an increasingly white party at a
there are several reports of a shooting. live in new jersey the hanta virus totals 6 people and two fatalitites 91 of the cabins have been shot down. dan kerman has the latest. >> of the six people infected. four of these people were staying in these cabins at the end yosemite village. it is not known or the sixth person was staying. in the meantime, the rodent proof. there is no specific time that it is expected to open the. however, 20 07, 2008, 2009. they met with park officials and advise them on how to prevent this disease in 2010, they issued a report. they advised officials that they must do a better job to prevent rodent infestation. >> of course we will continue to follow this developing story. if you are going to yosemite? >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we are learning more of the colorado shooting. what he tried to. that is in just two minutes. and the former navy seal will not face legal consequences. and based on his recent book. and also the latest in newark jersey. >> >>this just in to the kron 4 news room old bridge new jersey. at this shopping center. there has been se
speaking and new jersey chris christie in the spotlight, carried live. we should be very clear, even at this stage, now, it is still a very delicate political dance for both sides here. >> it is, although, simon, i think the danger republicans have been concerned about they will look bad having a convention while the storm is moving through the gulf and maybe hitting the gulf, i think that may be a bit overrated. they did get a taste today what an incumbent president can do, advantage he has simply by doing his job when he came out and cautioned residents about this storm. >> as we prepare for isaac to hit, i want to encourage all residents of the gulf coast to listen to their public officials especially if they tell you to evacuate. now is not the time to tempt fate. >> of course, know is going to go on in tampa. you have mitt romney arriving today to hear his wife, ann, give a speech tonight. mitt romney speaks thursday and ann romney's speech tonight, i think, is going to be very significant, something that could help deepen the personal commitment between mitt romney and the amer
on for a little hour or so. governor romney made 1,144 delegate number by new jersey putting him over the top. it's importantbe to remember that while this is all poch pomp and circumstance, it wasn't a surprise, it's the official duty of the rnc to get to this point. carl cameron, i want to do q&a before we get to wisconsin and talk to you for a second about the process from the floor. charles cameron, the chief political correspondent. it's fun to see, isn't it? >> reporter: it's a gas. this is american politics. conventions are often derided as little more than advertising by the campaigns in the party. so the truth of the matter is each democratic and republican convention, every four years is an opportunity to see the political bodies as they want to be seen, as they want to be perceived. there is less analysis heard from media. they get a lot less partisan opposition from the opponents. an opportunity to see. we can learn from that. you hear the delegation as they call out a vote. variety of support for variety of ron paul. the delegate love that and cheer heartily. when this is over it's e
jersey there are fatalities. katie marzullo is in the breaking news center. >> reporter: right now local law enforcement says there are reportedly, three people dead. that includes the gunman. take a look this is the scene over old bridge, new jersey at a shopping center known as pathmark. there's a broken window in the front of the store and you can see emergency responders out front in the parking lot. they've been standing out in front of the store for the past hour. police responded to shots fired inside the shopping center around 1 a.m., employees were inside stocking shelves. there was a confrontation with a gunman, believed to be among the dead. several employs -- several employees across the street from the scene of the shooting. breaking news now we will continue to follow this. reportedly three dead, including the gunman at a shopping center in new jersey. >>> in the meantime back here san jose school rises from the ashes this morning. trace elementary destroyed in a devastating fire two years ago celebrates grand opening of its new building, a few hours from now. terry mcsween
professional force leagues are battling against sports betting in new jersey. officials behind the suit say that the gambling will destroy the integrity of the game. really? people we rely on in the morning can rely on dulcolax laxative tablets overnight. they give you predictable overnight relief to help get you feeling like yourself again in the morning. dulcolax laxative tablets. keep you moving. ♪ feeling free. ♪ >>shepard: the biggest sports organization in professional and college sports have filed a lawsuit against the state of new jersey over a plan for sports betting. officials from the major league baseball and nfl, and nba and the ncaa argue that a plan to bring sports betting to new jersey casinos and racetracks is against federal law. which it is. and threatens the sanctity of the game. back if january, the governor christie sign add law to allow sports gambling despite the ban on betting out of nevada, and oregon and montana. and now, this is weird to me at first. how come four states can have it? new jersey had an option back in 1992 when they put this in place. new jerse
of new jersey with the key note. the other story, of course, is going on to our west and all along the gulf coast tonight. hurricane isaac made landfall earlier this evening. officially in plaquemines parish about 90 miles south of new orleans and now begins this slow churn to the north. and now really, we get to see what $14 billion of taxpayer money will buy. that's how much money has been spent getting new orleans ready for the next big hurricane. they're getting all the rain they can handle there right now. and we are joined by nbc's lester holt. he is out in it on the river walk in new orleans. lester, how are you holding up there? >> reporter: holding up well, and rain, and a lot of wind here. it comes in bands. the southeast coast of louisiana is taking a beating. the bulk of it still on the way to new orleans. we're told sometime after midnight things will go downhill as if it were not already plunging off a cliff with the weather hitting this place. lots of people, over 100,000 without power in louisiana. let's talk about the effect of its most worrisome. the storm surge.
, dick. the man accused of holding up jessica's law in new jersey will enter the no spin zone. and then, we continue with some of the strangest moments in factor history. don't miss this one tonight. you will like it. those reports after these messages. >> bill: fact for follow up segment tonight if you rape a child under 13 the mandatory prison term is 10 years in new jersey and can be out for 8 and a half for good behavior. i think that's far too less. there is a proposed new law that would make that happen. new jersey has been slow in passing that. with us is state senator joe sweeney who has been accused of delaying the new law. i'm glad you came in here. i want you to set the record straight if we have been unfair to you. the fact of the matter is that 2005 florida passed jessica's law because of jessica lunsford that poor 10-year-old little girl. it's now 12. 7 years 43 states have jessica's law but you guys don't. >> i wasn't the leader when the bill was introduced back in 2005. but i was in front of the curve in 2004 because i actually proposed a bill to put g.p.s. tracking syst
will find peace in their minds. >> for now, the memorial remains in place. in palisades park, new jersey, ainesly earhart, fox news. >> organizers called it the great nurse in. today, hundreds of nursing mothers and infants came to the west lawn of the capital to promote public breast-feeding. several of the mothers say there's still a stigma attached to public breast-feeding. many want legislation to to support a nursing mother. >> it's nature's way of nursing your baby, if you can. >> coincides with national breast-feeding week. >>> it is an old joke. why would anyone jump out of a perfectly good airplane? that question for that group of sky divers who had a specific goal. that's coming up next. gwen. >> they are braver than i am. we're going to keep our eyes to the skies. we have a chance of severe weather as we head into tomorrow. a frontal system heading our way. i'll have the details after the break. this is the plan for back to school. introducing share everything, only from verizon. a shareable pool of data to power up to 10 different devices. add multiple smartphones to you
states. and that man, the governor of the state of new jersey, the great state of new jersey, my home state. he's one of governor romney's strongest supporters. a lot of focus on what his speech will be like and how much he may stray from the text as he said he might. steve is outside the convention center. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, martha. as far as ann romney's speech, she spent her day much like her husband and her husband's running-mate, practicing. we are told the romneys went off to church and there was practicing with the use of teleprompters the same size and distance they will be using inside the convention itself. we know nothing else about her speech other than her husband says he like her speech have much. yesterday she had time to bake several hundred welsh cakes which are like scones with raisins they are bringing here to share with friends. i guess you can judge your friendship with her by whether you get one. martha: let's talk about governor christie. he's known as a bold guy. his statement get him in the news quite often. this is a serious momen
about new jersey, reducing the deficit. he'll say there's been a failure of leadership by barack obama, and that the team of romney and ryan will face the challenges. ann romney, chris christie. it should be a very entertaining evening. it will be an important evening to get this convention underway. >> megyn: indeed. we're listening to the wife of the governor of puerto rico introduce ann romney. she'll come out moments from now. her remarks prepared, the governor with her today, giving her speech a thumbs-up. we were told that the romney boys are the ones most nervous about the speeches tonight, that the governor and ann romney feel pretty good. >> bret: she talked to reporters today, brought reporters cookies back on the plane down here, and said she was feeling good. she's not used to reading off a teleprompter. on the campaign trail, she's very natural. she's been credited with having good campaign events and fundraisers, but as far as speeches to a crowd like this, it's an entirely different ballgame. >> megyn: she apparently gave fashion advice to the reporters on the plane with
is happening, this is is a wallenda attempting 100' above the sand in atlantic city, new jersey, a walk of 1,300' across. we know he holds world records, lots of them, forfeiters -- for different feats around the world. he is the first person to cross between the united states and canada in over 120 years. he is the first person ever to cross the world famous more shoe falls, niagara falls, in june. in october of 2008, on the program on nbc that used to leave things in the morning, he walked in and bicycled 12 stories up from the roof of the center in new jersey, to, jersey likes this walking up high kind of stuff. jonathan, have they promoted this? they have brought out a lot of folks for this? >>jonathan: there has been a lot of promotion. atlantic city is very excited. it brought out a heck of a lot of people. throughs lining the board walking. there are thousands more on the beach will the joy of this, you are seeing an amazing human physical feat. we are watching it, like, something we cannot say about a lot of sports events recently. this is a like, amazing feat to watch. most people a
decided to go straight to the governor of new jersey. we were talking about the two-fisted, funny-talking, take no prisoners chris christie. 49 years old. he's coming in as one column said is he going to open a can of new jersey on barack obama. >> my guess is, he's not, you might see him playing in tight as well as ann romney. i would think that chris christie might be a little less. jon karl, i want go to you on the floor. if ann romney's theme is love, chris christie's theme is spreekt respect. >> no doubt. talk about contrast, i was talking to chris christie earlier today, he was joking he might put a heckler in the front row so he can be the foil. i think what we'll hear from chris christie is a little different side. he wants to talk about the success he's had in new jersey. remember, george, this is somebody conservatives basically begged to run for president. a hero for those on the right. for liberals, moderates, independents in the state of new jersey. he's about to come out. listen to this reaction. they love this guy. ♪ >> thank you. thank you. thank you all very muc
from my home state of new jersey, karen, anxious to see what he was going to say last night. it did take him a while to get to the mitt romney part of his speech, huh? >> the clock was ticking, rob. 17 minutes. he finally talked about mitt romney. this wasn't exactly a speech where he was giving the big, pitch for mitt romney. first he started talking about himself. you heard about chris christie's family. then a lot about chris christie's record in new jersey. then got to romney. itch-up take a look back you can see the speech as a bigger message. talking about the vision of the republican party. how mitt romney fits into that, but not really how mitt romney is leading the effort. this was more of an acceptance speech as some pundits were calling it. chris christie is not running for president right now. this was more about laying the ground work for later. republicans knew what they were getting into when they picked hem to be the keynote speaker. rob, paula, not exactly shy. this is was not going to be a demure speech from chris christie. >> not the teddy bear like. karen travers
will be a storm well into the night tonight for these people. martha: new jersey governor chris christie delivered a firey keynote speech. we'll talk to haley barbour. what's the future for chris christie, coming up. >> i believe in america and her history. there is only one thing missing now. it takes leadership. it takes leadership you don't get from a poll. real leaders don't follow polls, real leaders change polls. [applause] [ angela ] endless shrimp is our most popular promotion at d lobster. there's so many choices. the guests come in and they're like yeah i want to try this shrimp and i want to try this kind. th wait for this all year long. [ male nouncer ] red lobster's endless shrimp is back, but only for a limited time, for just $14.99. try as much as u like any way you like, like new teriyaki grilled shrimp or new parmesan crusted shrimp, for just $14.99. [ angela ] creating an experience instd of just a meal that's endless shrimp. my name is angela trapp. i'm a server at red lobster and i sea food differently. martha: history in the making at the republican national convention. govern
, romney. >> new jersey, 50 votes. >> madam secretary, the garden state, the proud owner of tonight's keynote address given by governor chris christie, proudly casts all 50 of its votes for the next president of the united states, governor mitt romney. >> new jersey, 50, romney. >> she talked about her husband, their five sons, and their 43-year marriage. this is 20 minutes. >> hello! what a welcome. [cheers and applause] thank you. and thank you, luce. i cannot wait to see what we will all do together. this will be so exciting! [cheers and applause] just so you all know, the hurricane has hit landfall and i think we shall take this moment and recognize that fellow americans are in its path and just hope and pray that all remain safe and that no life is lost and no property is lost. we should all be thankful for this great country and great hope for our first responders to keep us safe in this wonderful country. [applause] well, i want to talk to you tonight not about politics and not about party. while there are many important issues that we will hear discussed in this convention a
and leadership. that was his style in new jersey and i think that's what mitt romney is going to try to do. in some sense, this is the blueprint of what romney will do. most of all, principaled compromise and leadership which is exactly what president obama has not delivered. >> what struck me is what he did not talk about. not one single mention of the so called social issues. if you think back to 1992 when pat bucanan gave the same speech about the culture wars and religious wars, the republican party is delivering a message much more focused on the economy instead. do you agree with that? >> no question about it. the republican party does not want to talk about social issues at this election. it was no accident that chris christie talked about the health care plan and we said we will not put bureaucrats between her and her doctor. that was a message to suburban women. >> this theme of truth telling will be a big theme. christie was a truth teller, paul ryan was, and mitt romney as the financial guy, the turn around guy, is a truth teller. i think that christie was flagging. he was predi
of it is trying to sneak into the d.c. area. actually everywhere from pennsylvania, new jersey, southern new york you could get rain and thunderstorms. south, pretty strong storms around jackson, mississippi. we're tracking one little lone thunderstorm that's trying to hold together as it approaches the greater atlanta area. and the final stop, we're showing you some arias that are seeing light rain. right through central kansas this morning. kansas hasn't had any rain through much of august and even through the back of july. this is welcome, even though it's a little bit. there's nothing else on the maps. the big story will be these storms heading through the eastern seaboard and areas like new york city to philadelphia, even d.c., a strong thunderstorm or two. we shouldn't see any tornadoes or anything like that. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. the worst case for thunderstorms later this afternoon would be damaging winds and large hail. again, philadelphia, much of new jersey, especially the eastern half of pennsylvania, chicago tod
to the convention in just a few minutes. oen governor chris christie of new jersey will try to stir up the crowd with the keynote speech. joining me in our coverage is bob schieffer and at the podium and down on the convention floor, our cbs news campaign 2012 team. but right now, we want to get the latest on the storm that delayed this convention by one day, hurricane isaac made landfall just over two hours ago in louisiana, southeast of new orleans. byron pitts is there. byron. >> reporter: scott, there are already reports of more than 160,000 homes in new orleans without power tonight. the big concerns this evening-- power outages, flooding, and storm surge, especially in low-lying communities south of new orleans, like plaquemines parish. and for new orleans, the city is protected by a $14.6 billion levee system put into place evter hurricane katrina seven years ago. the expectations are new orleans should do okay. but, scott, that's the expectation. we should learn the truth when the sun comes up. >> pelley: isaac coming .shore. byron, thank you. coming up next, here in tampa, the person wh
been fighting for school choice in new jersey. we look at what nikki is doing in south carolina. this is extremely important. if we want to compete economically with other states and other countries, we have to improve education in america. we cannot be 16th in the world. [applause] the teacher unions stopped by and nounced they were suing schools participating in this program. they try to fight us every step of the way. you are trying to recall others. they are the coalition for the status quo. it cannot be about the adult in the school system. it has to be about the kids. >> thank you, governor. governor chris christie, i want said thank you. he did wonderful things in new york. home run. you talked about newark and great reforms there. it said that charter and choice. explain that. >> we passed tenure reform in new jersey. it ties directly to student achievement. it allows a teacher to lose tenure at the two years in a row of partially affected operating are one year of an effective reading. we have all this tenure law in america. it is 100 years old. the people who are payin
! ♪ neil: i thought this was earlier today. i apologize. we had governor chris christie of new jersey making his way into this building. he was like a rock star. this is them earlier. let's and cameras gathered around. i thought they were here for me. turns out of was wrong. he was treated like a big celebrity. he was and is a big celebrity. apparently came this close to being the vice presidential nominee. you never know who is right or telling the truth, but the rumor was that the run the camp was very interested in having chris christie be on the ticket, but he would have to give up the governorship of new jersey. you can't raise money. the bottom line to but we know it happens. he did not get that. he did not want to give up his governorship. and the bottom line was they went to paul right with my work out just fine. governor tom kean here on that. unnecessary soap opera. good to have you. what do you make of that? that was an issue that forced the sitting governor, it makes a very tough fund-raising. >> adelle believe it. the only covers are considered. i just was in on the proce
players go on to another matchup. they're going to next be facing a team from new jersey. now, for all of the full highlights of the game, day tuned to sports. we'll have all that later in the newscast. reporting live, sergio quintana, abc-7 news. >> ama: a good time. petaluma's next game is tomorrow at 1:00 when they take on new jersey. you can watch that game on the sister network, espn. >> to the big leagues now. there are new revelations about the drug suspension for melky cabrera. he was suspended for 50 games after testing positive for tests toster reason. today the new york daily news is reporting about a plot by the all-star outfielder to use a fictitious web site to hide his use of the banned substance. mike shumann is here now and the latest claim has tracted federal investigators. >> mike: go from what's right about baseball to waste wrong. we're no longer surprised athletes are willing to put their health at risk to gain advantage with performance-enhancing drugs but we're shocked by the attempted coverup by cabrera. an associate of cabrera, juan nones in the, took ten gran
convention, ann romney talks frankly about her husband. while new jersey governor, chris christie, takes aim at president obama. >>> and a contradicting account in the new book about the mission that killed osama bin laden. was he supposed to be captured? or killed? >>> and good morning, everyone. we begin this wednesday with the wicked storm. hurricane isaac, battering new orleans and the gulf coast region. ironically, on the seventh anniversary, to the day, of katrina. >> more than 200,000 homes and businesses have already lost power in the hours since isaac roared ashore southeast of new orleans. that number almost 150,000 folks without power. >> now, the slow-moving system is delivering a deluge. we go first to abc's brandi hitt. she joins us on the phone from a very windy new orleans. good morning, brandi. >> reporter: good morning, paula. hurricane isaac is unleashing powerful winds and rains. i'm talking to you on the phone because we cannot put up our satellite dish. it's too windy outside. it could easily snap. we're seeing upwards of 80, 90 miles per hour right now. and the streets
around is a group of so-called reform governors, including keynote speaker, new jersey's chris christie. jason, how has the republican party changed since the bush years? >> the biggest change has been the rise of the tea party movement. which has helped the party a good influence i think there's sill an insurgent populist movement but pushing the gop in the right direction. all the types of things that they got away from unfortunately, ungeorge bush. >> has the tea party been co-opped -- co--opted or are they the gop? >> i still think they are for reform and good within the party. i would argue the gop leadership, boehner and mcconnell in particular have done a good job of trying to harness the energy of the tea party for the good of the party. >> interesting paul ryan symbol of reform in the u.s. congress, trying to get control over government reform the major s of government like medicare -- entitlements and so on. you have governors elected in 2010, move of them although mitch daniels in indiana before, they are trying to shake-up the state government what do they have in common? >
offices near newark, new jersey, attorney awad consults about creating contracts, wills and other legal documents that appears to the principles of syria, islamic law, that is important to muslims. >> the way of sharia means there is guideline for how i should be interacting. >> awad says over the past decade he handled more than a hundred cases involving some component of islamic law. now a growing movement is seeking to ban in courts sharia in any way. it limit the judge's ability to decide them. >> these will trickle down to your average american muslim when it comes to distributing estates, getting married, issues regarding dissolution of marriage. this is divesting courts of their own authority. >> but proponents say legislation is necessary to protect american interests. taryn logo is an attorney and anti-sharia activist. >> within a society of western culture, you cannot have two prevailing legal systems side by side. ultimately there will be a break down of what we in our country have agreed to be governed by, which is the consensus under a rule of law, not of men, not of cleric
it was the state of new jersey that eventually pushed mitt romney over the edge, 1,144 to officially clinch it. they were going in alphabetical order. remember, it will be mitt romney who foremillionly accepts the nomination when he speaks. also, mitt romney is in town. so is paul ryan. i know a lot of people are talking about possibly seeing them soon. >> who do we expect to hear tonight? who will be speaking tonight? >> reporter: lots of big name republicans were pushed to tonight. for some, the consolation prize. they were on mitt romney's vp short list. it's an opportunity to go of the and really make a name for themselves. new hampshire senator kelly ayotte. nikki haley, john caseic. remember, rick santorum? he's speaking tonight. two people people are expecting to hear from, new jersey governor chris christie and ann romney, of course, mitt romney's wife. both of them speaking about 10:00 eastern. >> ian thing we can expect to hear from chris christie or ann romney? >> oar ann romney is expected to touch on the more personal side of mitt romney, make the appeal to female votes. here's wh
... idiots...// the... state... of... new jersey... apologizing... for... ...a phone number... mixup..... / that... accidentally sent... senior citizens to a sex line. 3 hi honey thank you for calling calling that's... what... maureen persi... hears... when... she dials... the new jersey state hotline... for... the elderly....// instead... of... &pinformation... / they... hear ...explicit offers... for phone sex...//. the... number ...used to belong to the office... / but... not anymore..../ they've ... listed... the new number ...on their website../ .but... the... old number... is... still... out there... on pamphlets... and other sites.../. persi... says... its... despicable... that this is happening. persi says: "i became so emotionally upset about it, i just broke down in tears because i thought to myself, my dear this is tte office off the ombudsman." ombudsman.""... new jersey state official says... she's "horrified"./. .and... admits... they should have fixed that.. long ago. 3
, my friend. >>> all right. chris christy. didn't make the cut for vp but that outspoken new jersey governor is not going to be sidelined. no way. no how. it's going to happen, folks. he'll give the keynote and the gop convention two weeks from now and wolf blitzer will join me a little bit later, bottom of the hour to talk more about that and marco rubio's involvement in the campaign, that's significant, as well. we'll let you know how the details shook out and how they will shake out. >>> by the way, she snagged one of d.c.'s most eligible bachelors in the '90s and now front and center as the wife of the republican vice presidential candidate. janna ryan, not just a doting spouse. she has a degree of george washington university. she went on to be a corporate lawyer and a lobbyist in washington, d.c. she also happens to come from a family with strong ties. are you ready? are you sitting down? to the democratic party. i did not miss speak. janna ryan, strong family ties to the democrats. joining me now is margaret hoover. without ties to the democrats. it's nice to see you, miss ho
. >> now to the u.s. senate race in new jersey where a republican challenger is trying to break the democrats' long time grip on the senate seats. my guest is rolling out an economic plan. the new jersey state senator joined my now. welcome to the program. you are a republican. you are running for a senate seat from new jersey. you know as well as i do that new jersey rock solid democrat and has been for all of the 30 or 40 years i've live lived there and you are behind nine to 12 points against senator menendez. >>guest: we have had successes along the way in the 30 or 40 years. you are right. it is a state that trended democrat over the years. this is not a typical election year. it will not be a typical new jersey year because this is not a typical american year. we america is at a crossroads. new jersey is filled with good, patriotic americans. they know this is not the country they were born to or came to. we also have possibly not put up the right folks. >>stuart: we did call senator menendez and he declined to appear. the ball is in your court? >>guest: i am not surprised
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